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It is better to try and fail then to fail to try.

All work on this site is my own.

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Easter break in Bright 🍂👌💛🐤🌼

Something little i did for a job trial
Letter to a cold heart

All she will give you for your action is that you were swift. She is not sure how one can be so swift so she will give you that and that is all that you will find now that her stolen possessions you now attain are worthless.  You slashed coin, pouch, a redundant communications device, and useless cards. More so, you scored the sadness of a young woman noticing the obsolesced paycheck from her first professional job that paid for the device that she will never use. 
	You ripped her from her time, and drained her from her sleep.  

That same day she had confirmed her trip to do missionary work to help people less fortunate and now, left feeling unfortunate, she questions whether she can still make it. More so, she finds her self in pity for feeling sorry for herself when she remembers that these less fortunate have nothing of what has made her feel unfortunate.  

And then she does something stupid. She forgives you. She forgives you because she understands that it’s not your fault you’re a fucking cunt. 

Yours bitterly
She couldn’t speak
rules are for fools
dont go
dont go
ASOS x TF competition (via Siamo Contadini (coloured))
Anonymous :  Your super busy secret santa is finally back and *can't put a pronoun and reveal my gender yet* is wishing you a Merry Christmas Eve. Whatever you do tonight have fun. Tomorrow is the day when you will learn my name and send my paycheck. I'm joking of course. I will only accept cash.

Oh wow sorry tumblr did not tell me i had a message :( 
I hope you had a fab holiday x

Hope ya’ll had a fab year x
Anonymous :  Hope you are having a magical week so far and if you don't then keep smiling. Anything is possible. Especially when you are so talented and creative. secret santa

Oh you! I just graduated yesterday so that was exciting. 
I hope you’re having a good week too x

Anonymous :  i was just wondering how you scan or etc your work to make it digital. whenever I do it it just never comes out clear.

Hmmm… well, most of the time I just scan at home on my shitty home printer/scanner or take a photo with a Nikon SLR camera. The quality will totally depend on the scanner you have but you might get a better result if you scan at 200-300 DPI. Perhaps your default is set to 70. Just check that in the settings. Sorry if thats not helpful! 

Anonymous :  Hello there talented artist! I'm your Secret Santa and i really hope i didn't message the wrong blog. Have a beautiful day!

ohhhh thank you secret santa! you too xx

Anonymous :  What kind of typo do u used in the post that say.. ''You cannot fix this type of tired'' ? Love your blog

I just did it by hand, with watercolour paints. Sorry I’m not sure if that helps!

Flippin’ through ma sketchbook!Check out my work at No Vacancy Gallery this week!! https://www.facebook.com/events/480521978726517/?fref=ts